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Conduct usability testing is to evaluate the user experience and effectiveness of the newly designed features within our app.


  • Identify any usability issues

  • Assess user satisfaction

  • Gather valuable feedback

  • Ensure that these new features seamlessly integrate with the app, enhancing overall usability and user engagement.

About Broccli

Impact and Significance:

Our idea was to build an app which will lets the user order from their trusted vendors and also minimize the time taken by the user while browsing the items and make the online grocery shopping experience much better.

Key Features:

Source Products from your trusted vendors
Create and Upload list of items to order


Evaluate the Efficiency of the New Features


Users should be able to complete tasks related to the new features with minimal effort and within a reasonable time frame.

Success Criteria:

Users should be able to perform essential actions related to the new features without encountering any major issues.

Assess User Satisfaction and Perceived Value.


Collect user feedback on their overall satisfaction with the new features and their perceived value in enhancing their experience.

Success Criteria:

Users should be able to perform the tasks seamlessly and identify specific benefits or improvements brought by the new features in their feedback.

Identify and Address Usability Issues


Identify any usability issues or obstacles that users encounter while interacting with the new features or the app as a whole.

Success Criteria:

Users should be able to interact with the new features seamlessly.

Task 1

Order Fruits by using “Shop by vendor” option


Imagine, you always buy fruits from a specific fruit vendor in your neighborhood. Use this newly launched app which allows you to order from your favourite vendor. Place an order for fruits by using the feature.

Focus questions (while user performs the tasks)

Is there anything you like to see improved in this application?
Are there any specific moments when you experienced difficulties?
Have you ever tried such feature before? What are your thoughts about it?

Task 2

Place your order by using “upload list” feature.


Imagine you have a list of grocery items to buy but you cant step out to buy them. While scrolling through social media you came across an application (Broccli) which allows you to place your order by uploading the list of grocery items. Now place your order by using upload list feature.

Focus questions (while user performs the tasks)

Did you find the feature engaging?
Have you ever used a feature like this before?
Do you think this feature was helpful?

Planning the Test

Moderated Usability Test:

In a moderated usability test, a facilitator guides the participants through the test scenarios and gathers real-time feedback. This approach allows for deeper insights into the participants' thought processes and can clarify any uncertainties.

Testing Environment:

Lab or Quiet Room: Setting up a dedicated usability testing environment, ideally in a lab or a quiet room, where we can control distractions and create a comfortable space for participants. Ensuring proper lighting and seating for both the participant and the facilitator.
Google Meet for Unmoderated Test

Equipment required

Testing Devices: Mobile device.
Microphone: To record the participant's verbal feedback. This helps provides context to their actions.
Screen Recording Software: Using screen recording software to capture the participant's interactions with the interface of broccli.
Mobile for Facilitator: The facilitator will need a monitor the screen recordings, take notes, and manage the usability testing process.


Statement Card

Pain points

Participant 1, 2

It was confusing

Mujhe kaise pta chalega ki kon se vendor se aa rha hai


Participant 3, 4, 5

Pretty handy app easy enough to use

trust ek bohot bada factor hota hai agr voh log online mil rhe hai toh ye achha hai

Yeh accha hai ki agar mai ghr pe nhi hu toh schedule kr du aur woh phir aa jayega

Mujhe sbse aacha laga ki aap apne favorite vendors ko select kr sakte ho

complications nhi hai jaisi hote hai grocery app ka .

more smarter and kafi new hai

Visual distinction ho rha hai woh accha laga mujhe

apni list bhi upload kr skte hai aisa nhi ki apko products ek ek kr k dhundhna padega baki apps k trh.

mai toh definetly use krna chaungi time bachane k liye bhi bhut aacha

New features

Participant 3

Mujhe sbse aacha laga ki aap aapne favourite vendors ko select kr sakte ho

“Yeh accha ki mai apni puri list he upload kr du! yeh bohot new bhi hai”

Schedule bhi kr sakte hai!

Kaafi different hai abhi tak jo maine aap use kiye hai unnmai yeh features nhi dekhe hai

apni list bhi upload kr sakte hai aaisa nhi ki aapko products ek ek kr k dhundhna padega baki apps k trh.

User’s Mental Model

Participant 4, 5

Waise easy tha but yeh chize itni common nhi hai toh iss liye thora sa ek baar ko apko pura read krna padta hai kya chiz hai kya chiz nhi hai but ek baar use kr liye toh it was easy to use.

Jub hum list banate hai to saath mai yeh bhi mention krte hai ki kitni quantity chaheye

Customer Journey Map

Average SUS

Current screens


Moderated Usability Test:
  • Uploading list can be more intuitive and simple to use by giving the freedom to the user to upload list directly and having filter options while they upload their list.

  • Compare products while uploading the list on the basis of price, vendor etc.

  • Freedom to control from which vendor they are receiving the products while buying through the upload list process.

Redesigned screens

Design is Everywhere!

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designheryerde 2024. Designed by Samriddhi

Design is Everywhere!

Let's explore design together!

designheryerde 2024. Designed by Samriddhi